Traditional dancewear for the ballerina consists of a solid, dark-colored leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Tap shoes are required for some classes. Chiffon skirts and ankle warmers may be worn in class. All other classes require a leotard, tights or unitard, and appropriate shoes. A ballet dancer’s hair must be worn in a bun
(if length permits). Dancers in all levels should have their hair tied back off of the face. 


Dance attire for the danseur consists of tights or sweats, supports, fitted shirts or leotards, and the
appropriate shoes.

MODERN / Hip Hop

Modern dance classes are performed barefoot. Dancers will need footless or convertible tights or will need to slit the bottoms of their tights for modern class. Tennis shoes may be worn for hip hop class, but the soles must be white, clear or non-marking, and should be free from any dirt, rocks or debris. If shoes leave marks on the dance floor, the student will be asked to remove them.