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DAS & Covid-19

DAS has updated the following restrictions in regard to COVID-19:


  • MASKS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED AT DANCE ARTS STUDIO, but dancers are still welcome to wear a mask based on their comfort level.

  • While class sizes are now permitted to full capacity, we will continue be mindful of personal space and utilize social distancing as often as possible. 


  • All dancers are encouraged to sanitize their hands before and after participating in a class. 

  • Students will bring all their belongings into the studio with them. Please bring into the building only the items you absolutely need for class, and don't forget your water bottles!


  • The regular use of our water fountain has resumed, but we encourage it to be used only for refilling water bottles. We cannot guarantee the water fountain is sterilized between each use, so please avoid drinking directly from the fountain. Gatorade, juice, etc. are not allowed in the studio. 

  • Please DROP OFF your dancer at the FRONT door of the building and PICK UP your dancer at the BACK door. This should help ease traffic in and out of the building. 

  • Parents, siblings and caregivers ARE welcome to enter the building and remain in the waiting areas of the studio during classes. However, seating is very, very limited - and we hope to keep outside distractions to a minimum. 

  • If your dancer, or anyone in your family, has a fever or is experiencing illness, please stay home. 

  • Make up lessons should be scheduled in advance, and will be allowed at the discretion of the studio. Please email Gina with any make up class requests.


  • We will continue to offer the option of viewing our classes in real-time via Zoom WITH ADVANCE NOTICE TO THE STUDIO. The link and password to access our Zoom classes is available via the Parent Portal. We monitor every person entering our virtual waiting room. Please be sure your Zoom name matches your dancer's last name so that we can place you in the correct studio. If you have a last-minute request to view or attend your registered class via Zoom, please text Gina and we will do our best to accommodate you! 

Updated 07/08/22

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