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Adult Division 


Dance Arts Studio’s Adult Division offers ballet, tap, theatre and stretch/flexibility for both beginners and experienced dancers. 

Whether you're returning to dance after some time away, or just now starting out, Dance Arts Studio has a class for you!

Adults may also take classes within our Open Division.


Please contact the studio if you are interested in our Youth & Pre-Professional Ballet Division classes.

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Adult Classes

ages 15+

Adult Classes (15+)

015A: Adult - STRETCH/FLEXIBILITY - Mon - 8:45am (60 min) - Grace Luttrell Nanavati

015B: Adult - BALLET - Tues - 8:45am (60 min) - Grace Luttrell Nanavati


015C: Adult - STRETCH/FLEXIBILITY - Wed - 8:45am (60 min) - Grace Luttrell Nanavati

015D: Adult - TAP - Wed - 11:00am (60 min) - Gary Shull

015E: Adult - THEATRE - Thur - 8:45am (60 min) - Grace Luttrell Nanavati

015F: Open Level / Adult - BALLET - Thur – 7:30pm (60 min) - Gina DeCroix Russell

015G: Adult - STRETCH/FLEXIBILITY - Fri - 8:45am (60 min) - Grace Luttrell Nanavati


Dance Arts Studio’s Adult Stretch/Flexibility class is one of the longest-running exercise classes in the Springfield area. Taught by DAS Director Emeritus Grace Luttrell Nanavati, the class is mix of stretching, strengthening, and core work utilizing the ballet barre, yoga mats and light weights. 1-hour, weekly class, which meets Mon, Wed and Fri (or any combination thereof).

For our Adult ballet, theatre and tap classes, please wear a leotard or fitted base layer, leggings or tights, and appropriate shoes. While t-shirts, skirts and warm ups are permitted for class, please wear a fitted base layer to ensure clothing does not affect stretching, floor work, and other inverted movement.

Tuition fee: $60/month

(Our family rate affects this fee. Tuition is then calculated based on total number of weekly hours. Please see our Tuition Rates for additional info.)

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