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Dance Arts Studio Monthly Tuition Fees are calculated based on the total number of hours per week a dancer (or family) is taking. 

Tuition fees are posted to students' accounts on the 1st of each month, with payment due on (or before) the 12th of each month. Credit card payments are processed monthly on the 12th, but the date posted to your bank account may vary due to weekends and/or holidays. 


If a dancer is absent, they may arrange for a make up class if an alternative class day/time is available at the same level. No tuition credits or refunds will be issued for missed lessons under any circumstances. Any changes to your dancer's schedule must be submitted, in writing, prior to the 1st of the month.


Should your dancer need to withdraw from classes at any time during the season, written notice is required 10 days prior to the end of the month. If no notice is given, the family/student shall be responsible for all tuition/membership fees posted for the month in which notice is provided to the studio. 


Rate calculation examples and average class rate breakdown:



Dancer takes one 60-minute class per week:

Tuition is $60/month for an average rate of $15 per class.



Family of two dancers have one student in a 60-minute class and the other student in two 60-minute classes for a cumulative total of three hours of classes per week:

Tuition is $95/month at an average rate of $8 per class. 



Advanced Level dancer takes 10 hours of classes each week:

Tuition is $200/month at an average rate of $5 to $10 per class. (Hour long classes will average to $5 per class and 2-hour ballet classes will average to $10 per class.)


*Due to holidays, the number of classes per month will average out during the course of our season. Some months may have three classes and other months have five.





Dance Arts Youth Company Monday classes/repertoire rehearsals @ 1.5 hours twice monthly per dancer ARE included in the family monthly rate calculation.


Rates for the 2022/2023 season will max out at $245/month per family. At the 13-hour mark for weekly classes, a family is paying less than $5 per hour per child for each class attended at Dance Arts Studio. 


We strive to make the art of dance affordable for all families. If you are experiencing a financial hardship and need tuition assistance, please reach out to Mrs. Gina and we will try to find a solution!


Thank you!

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